Our team

Swissworx was founded in 2014 by Swiss immigrant Michael Ulmann.

His aim is to provide outstanding customer service and deliver high quality, best-in-class software resulting in long-term customer satisfaction.

Passion and dedication to technology paired with a hint of perfectionism but without losing sense for pragmatism are core values amongst employees.

Michael Ulmann

Michael Ulmann, Chief Executive Officer

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Over 17 years experience in various roles in IT have allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its short comings. These form the core foundation of my strategic planning and decision making to drive the success of Swissworx and position the company in the right niche market.

While working for small to large size enterprises in multiple countries I have had the privilege to build development teams of highly skilled individuals. I demonstrated to peers and senior management my leadership and communication skills and the ability to deliver software solutions on time and under budget.

Despite my move into an executive role I have never lost my interest and passion for software development in all this years. When time permits I find myself still doing some hands-on development which gives me an excellent understanding of the technical solutions that we deliver for our clients. This also allows me to ensure best practises are followed and the team adheres to high coding standards.

Favourite movie: Forrest GumpFavourite cigar: Monte Cristo

Carol Ulmann

Carol Ulmann, Managing Partner


For many years I have worked in customer facing positions as part of global businesses taking on project management. My exposure to the financial sector helps me with the financial forecasting and managing payroll.

At Swissworx I am the key contact for existing stakeholders and I identify and grow new business when opportunities arise.

Favourite colour: red

Georges Younes

Georges Younes, Senior .NET Developer


Over 18 years of experience in software development, and yet have never lost the passion to write code nor the will to learn and explore new technologies.What I like about Swissworx is that we always embrace new technologies and apply best development practices.

Favourite quote: Happiness is an inside job.

Gobinda Thapa

Gobinda Thapa, .NET Developer


Have several years of experience of software development from small to large scale enterprise application. I have been developing high traffic Websites, Services and Mobile application using various technologies including but not limited to .NET, Sitecore, Xamarin Forms.

Favourite Word: "Ship It"Favourite Movie: X-Men

Sailen Karmacharya

Sailen Karmacharya, Senior .NET Developer


Being in this industry for more than 15 years gave me exposure to every aspect of the software development life cycle and in-depth understanding of different business domains.

I have a very sound knowledge of Sitecore and various other .Net based CMS and DevOps to build enterprise level applications and guarantee flawless operation.

Favourite quote: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever ― Mahatma Gandhi

Subanki Chandrasekaran

Subanki Chandrasekaran, QA Test Analyst


My responsibility starts right from the requirements gathering, test case writing, test execution, defect management and automating the regression process. I like to work in Swissworx, as we are given an opportunity to initiate new process and explore latest technologies.

Kumod Kumar

Kumod Kumar, QA Test Analyst


10+ years of experience in Software Quality Assurance. I have an extensive experience of working in Agile/Scrum environment and expertise in analysing business user requirements.

My role is creation of Test Plan and Test Strategy and generating test scripts using Automation Tool with strong understanding of Digital, Travel and HealthCare domain.

I also assist our clients in User Acceptance Testing before the product is finally released.

Special skill: Accomplished singerInspired by: Sadhguru

Gaetan Bolloch

Gaetan Bolloch, Senior Front-End Developer

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Never afar from a keyboard, I love building reliable web applications from scratch using Typescript, Angular and Bootstrap.

My daily drive at work is to create reusable, mobile-first, no-nonsense components that will make the end user's experience enjoyable.

I position myself as a team enabler by always keeping on a can do attitude and by helping out the team reaching their goals.

Favourite video game: RustLast book read: Node.js design patterns by Mario Casciaro and Luciano Mammino